Casa del Alfarero

  • Trinidad is known for its pottery. In this large factory, teams of workers make trademark Trinidad ceramics from local clay using a traditional potter's wheel. You can watch them at work and buy the finished product.
  • Nowadays, the Santander family offers beautiful pieces made of fired clay which can be bought on its workshops.
  • The Casa del Alfarero is a workshop which counts with a rich potter history which goes back in time to the middle of the 19th century when it was founded by Don Secundino Santander, which abilities have been transmitted through generations.
  • The Casa del Alfarero Potter House is an open-air space where you can see the craftsmen in different stages of the production. 
  • It is true that the majority of the sold pieces in the shops of Trinidad have been elaborated in their workshops. Several things are modeled such as pots and vases, lamps, ashtrays or plates painted with Trinidad landscapes.

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