Hand rolling cigars in Viñales

  • The word cigar originated from the Spanish cigarro, which in turn probably derives from the Mayan sicar ("to smoke rolled tobacco leaves" – from "tobacco").
  • There is also a possible derivation, or at least an influence, from the Spanish cigarra ("cicada"), due to their similar shape.
  • The recipe for a Cuban cigar is the country's climate, as well as the soil which makes for a rich harvest.
  • While foreign sales in cigars rose steadily through 2015, some Cuban tobacco farmers also gained income by hosting international visitors, giving guided tours through the beautiful countryside, and an inside look at how the cigars are produced.
  • Such farms are the family-run and owned old cigars houses. Located in Pinar del Rio, a little over an hour west of Havana, the farm is one of Cuba's most renowned tobacco produce.
  • Located for example in Viñales at Pinar del Rio province in Cuba, a little over a 2 and a half hour west of Havana, there small farms most renowned tobacco produce like Benito's


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