Pharmaceutical Museum

  • The first Latin American pharmacy museum in a 19th-century building. Check out the cool collection of old pharmacy bottles and medical items.
  • In the city of Matanzas the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there were several private pharmacies some more prestigious than others, but among the most famous may be to highlight the pharmacy Triolet French chemist known as pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas now.
  • It was founded in 1882 by Dr. Ernesto Triolet and Juan Fermín de Figueroa. 
  • Converted into a museum in 1964, shows, among other original objects, their polychrome porcelain jars, utensils pharmaceutical ProDuster prepared on site or imported from Europe, mostly drawn from medicinal herbs, prescription drugs and many other items and instruments time.
  • This museum pharmacist has the distinction of being one of its kind in America. It is located on Calle Milanés between St. Teresa and City Hall, Matanzas.


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