Havana Harbor

  • Havana Harbor is the port of Havana, the capital of Cuba, and it is the main port in Cuba.
  • Most vessels coming to the island make port in Havana.
  • The harbor was created from the natural Havana Bay which is entered through a narrow inlet and which divides into three main harbors: Marimelena, Guanabacoa, and Atarés.
  • It was fortified by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century who in 1553 transferred the governor's residence to Havana from Santiago de Cuba on the eastern end of the island, thus making Havana the de facto capital. 
  • The importance of these fortifications was early recognized as English, French, and Dutch sea marauders attacked the city in the 16th century.
  • Later fortifications included the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña, known as La Cabaña or Fort of Saint Charles, built in the 18th-century on the elevated eastern side of the harbor entrance as the largest fortress complex in the Americas


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