Cathedral Square in Old Havana

  • This is one of the most valuable historical sites in the city, especially for its majestic early 18th century houses. 
  • The last of the main squares to be created, this is one of Old Havana’s most beautiful spots. Originally, it was named Plaza de la Ciénaga (Swamp Square) because of its muddy terrain, but by the 18th century.
  • A good example of this kind of architecture is the house of the Captain General Luis Chacón, facing the Cathedral.
  • It had already become one of the city’s most important squares and after it was drained and paved, wealthy families moved into the area and began building their mansions there. 
  • Here, the main conduit of the Zanja Real–the city’s first aqueduct, constructed between 1565 and 1592– entered a cistern to supply the Spanish fleet docking in Havana


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