Classic Cars

  • Cuban streets are literally filled with American style cars from the 1950’s. If you love old cars Cuba is the place to go because the country is literally a rolling car museum.
  • Back in 1960 when Fidel took power there was an embargo put in place stopping all American imports into Cuba.
  • Since then innovative Cubans have been finding ways to keep their prized American classic cars running.
  • It is here where one will find an array of 1950’s convertibles that have been scratched, bumped, painted and put back together.
  • Lift the hood of a Chevrolet and you might find a Russian-built engine providing the power, watch a Ford pass by with a Buick grill on the front; none of this out of the ordinary.
  • There are no junkyards in Cuba and everything that may have once been junk has been turned into something useful on a car.
  • The taxi drivers take pride in keeping their vintage wheels looking good and visitors will often see them shining up the trim and mirrors before picking someone up.
  • The chance to take incredible pictures and take a ride in a 1958 Oldsmobile convertible you thought didn’t exist anymore is absolutely reason enough to visit Cuba this year, we are waiting for you!


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