Palacio de Valle

  • Palacio de Valle is an architectural jewel located in the Punta Gorda, in the city of Cienfuegos reminiscent of Spanish-Moorish art with influences of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Mudejar arts.
  • Place of cultural events, in addition to the restaurant (specializing in seafood), museum and bar. National Heritage Memorial in Cienfuegos.
  • The land was purchased by the dealer Don Acisclo del Valle, owner of several plants, including the now-defunct San Lino wit.
  • The construction began in 1913 and the work was entrusted to Italian architect Alfredo Colli and foreman Juan Suarez, ending in 1917, costing a million and a half pesos. It turned an architectural whim.
  • It is Gothic influences, Romanesque, Baroque and Italianate combined with the Mudejar style was in vogue in Spain in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It is assumed that craftsmen were involved in this work and experts of different nationalities for each specialty.
  • The Spanish carver Antonio Barcenas made the gateway to the garden. 
  • The Frank Palacios founded in Cienfuegos bronze railing of the staircase, the shields and ornaments of the front and all hardware.
  • The painter Miguel Lamoglia Cienfuegos, decorated carved wood imitating the office of master of the house and painted the beautiful crystals allegories of Carrara marble staircase.


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